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For Local Delivery or Pick-Up Only

Hand & Saw Woodwright

Traditional woodworking methodologies with stylish and elegant design, creating solid functional furniture built to stand the test of time and everyday use.

If you see a piece on our website that you would like, we'll be more than happy to recreate it for you. If you like our work and have something original in mind, we'll be happy to work with you to create a custom piece for your specific space and needs.
Commission work starts with an email from you with a brief description of what you would like. We will contact you to set up an appointment and discuss your project. We'll work together to create your original design.
Click here to email us at
Commission and custom work requires a 50% deposit. Delivery fees and installation are not included in website prices. Installation fees are based on a flat hourly rate.

Parota Slab
July, 2021 - Milton, FL
Single Parota slab barn door for a local business.
52"wide ∙ 102" long ∙ 2-1/4" thick


Camphor Slab
February, 2021 - Milton, FL
Two salvaged Camphor slabs joined together.
87" x 51"

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